Press Review

Our customers’ appreciation is our greatest satisfaction, but press mention makes us very proud. Here are the most interesting articles that better describe Luciano Cucina Italiana:

“A real miracle in an area that sees great names such as Roscioli, but is also unfortunately full of tourist trap restaurants “

Annalisa Zordan, Gambero Rosso (articolo)

“Those expecting the umpteenth, and useless, gourmet restaurant of an unspoken genius were soundly denied”

Luciano Pignataro, Luciano Pignataro Wineblog (articolo)

“Luciano Cucina Italiana sounds great and in a few days has become the new pilgrimage Foodies destination, attracted by the Michelin starred chef menu at pop prices”

Alessandra Tibollo, La Cucina Italiana (articolo)

“Luciano Cucina Italiana has a specific goal, that is relaunching the Italian culinary tradition. The chef would recreate a place similar to those of his childhood, taking inspiration from those classical old-style trattorias. Focusing on pillars such as pasta, both fresh and dry, Monosilio celebrates not only its legendary Carbonara, but also the other classic capitolini and contemporary Italian recipes “

Niccolò Vecchia, Identità Golose (articolo)

“It is not a bistro, it is not a fine dining restaurant (even if it is what you get on your plate): this restaurant is what we all look for when we want to eat well, at a good price and without anxiety or pressure, with our partner, family or even with friends”

Annalisa Cavaleri, Fine Dining Lovers (articolo)

“The secret of Luciano Monosilio’s carbonara is that it has no secrets. It is him who does it. And now, in his new restaurant Luciano Cucina Italiana, all Rome enjoy thanks to him “

Andrea Strafile, Vice Italia (articolo)

“Luciano Cucina Italiana is a real, genuine place that moves people hearts, with simple words, but which come loud and clear”

Barbara Giglioli, Identità Golose (articolo)

“Luciano Cucina Italiana represents a clear example of a contemporary trattoria, strong in technique, research on raw materials, evocation of old-time flavors, narrated in dishes of great charm and precision”

Eleonora Cozzella, La Repubblica (articolo)