Luciano Monosilio

Luciano Monosilio is an Italian chef – best known as King of Carbonara – who was born on Apr 18, 1984, in a little town near Rome (Italy). He developed an interest in cooking from a young age; after his diploma at Pellegrino Artusi Catering College, he gained valuable experience working at Roscioli Restaurant. He refined and increased his talent in the kitchen of some of the most renowned Italian chefs: Fulvio Pierangelini (Gambero Rosso**), Mauro Uliassi (Uliassi***) and Enrico Crippa (Piazza Duomo***). At age 22 a two-year experience abroad, at Capetown (South Africa), to improve his kitchen-manager skills. The return to Italy coincides with a 8-year partnership with Alessandro Pipero, owner of the homonymous restaurant Pipero, where a 27-year-old Luciano Monosilio gained his first Michelin Star and became one of the youngest Italian Michelin-starred chef. Starting from 2018, Monosilio opened his first restaurant, Luciano – Cucina Italiana, which crowned the dream of an entrepreneurial path for the diffusion of the best Italian food culture. The restaurant, located in the heart of Rome next to Campo de’ Fiori, reflects the new trend and direction of Italian Cuisine: the quality and the experience of a Michelin-starred restaurant and the authentic and popular tradition.

Chef Monosilio’s cooking philosophy lays the foundations on a deep knowledge of raw material and strong technical skills. He gained international fame thanks to pasta-based dishes, cornerstone of Italian tradition, such as his Carbonara, now widely recognized worldwide. Monosilio merges both tradition and innovation: each proposal of his menu is an evolution made of new elements, a fusion between unconventional and unusual combinations of Chef’s experiences around the world and hints of ancient origins ingredients, dating back to the heritage of Roman times.