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luciano monosilio

Luciano Monosilio

Determined, concrete, pragmatic. So shy to appear grumpy. Meticulous and organized. Creative and visionary at the same time. Precise ideas and objectives, sweetened by a constant desire for authenticity and deep connection with people. He has a character with multiple facets, thanks to which, with commitment and dedication, he gets the Michelin star at a very young age. After a well-established career in fine dining, an important deviation in contemporary cuisine to give new lifeblood to a precious treasure, the Italian regional tradition. Photo credits: onstagestudio

Luciano cucina italiana

Luciano Cucina Italiana

We have created an inclusive project that aims to spread the democratization of the high-quality cuisine. It is a proposal that wishes to fill the gap between haute cuisine and popular trattorias to balance familiar flavors in an elegantly contemporary guise. This is, for us, the perspective: combining the past and the future to graft innovation into tradition.

luciano cucina italiana

“You need to know yourself intimately before starting to cook” Luciano Monosilio

We are in the centre of Rome, just behind Campo de’ Fiori, capable of delighting the most demanding palate sitting in the Parione district cozy atmosphere